FunPlay Series
FunPlay Series – Crystal (DIY Kit)
SLA 3D Printer, DIY Kit, Acrylic Structure


Installed bearing on the top of the Z axis screw.
This design feature is to prevent Z axis wobbling and to gives printed products smoother a surface. Your products can be printed by FunPlay Crystal Printers in better quality than printed by FDM printers

Specially designed bolt’s hole
for long lasting and beauty, and has been tested thousands times without problems.

The printing platform is designed to be adjusted easily.
You don’t need bunch of tools to adjust or dismantle the building platform.

photoelectron switch
For more accurate printing, we use photoelectron switch to ensure the Z axis motor to stop at precise position.

Galva scanners module
Time saving! Laser Galva scanners module are calibrated and tested before shipping.
User ONLY needs to screw the module on to a printer

Common features of FunPlay series
Adjustable laser energy & exposure time
3D Dream Workshop makes SLA 3D printers which can adapt to alter operating conditions, such as different temperature, humidity…etc. by adjusting laser energy.
Also, users are able to control the hardness of models through adjusting laser energy and exposure time.

Compatible with 3rd party material
FunPlay Series are compatible with any resin from other manufacturers. All users have to do is to adjust laser energy and exposure time.
Meet Opal—create your own colors
Opal is the best solution for resin color. We enabled users to create any color by mixing Opal and #1 resin.

FunPlay Series - Crystal (DIY-Kit) SPECS
Size of printer 31 × 31 × 45 CM
Weight of printer 10 KG
Operating Temperature Suggested 25℃
Power source requirement AC 100~240V, 1.5A 50/60 Hz
Laser specification EN 60825-1: 2007 certified
Class 1 Laser Product
405nm violet laser/100mW
Connectivity USB Type B
Type of control   Push button and turn dial
Way of Forming Stereolithography (SLA)
Way of Printing Hand upside down
Max Build Volume 125 × 125 × 150 mm
Minimum Feature Size 300 µm
Layer Thickness (Axis Resolution) 25/50/100 µm (Adjustable)
Laser Spot Size Max. 100 µm
Laser Energy Max. 100 mW (Adjustable)
Exposure Time 5~45 µs (Adjustable)
Software Function
Auto slice,
Auto support generator
Extra support can be removed
Operating System Windows® 7 or later