1. Orders, Payments, and Shipping
a. Q: After paying my order, how long does it take for the bank to collect money from my account?
    A: It depends on your credit card company and its rule. For more information, please contact your credit card company.
b. Q: Does your printer price include shipping fee, tax, and tariff?
    A: No, the price is only for the printer. Because the shipping costs are vary for different region. Plus, each country has its own rules for tax           and tariff. Please visit our website for detail information about shipping and other trading regulation.
c. Q: If you received a lot of orders, how are you going to handle them?
    A: We have many different suppliers, who can supply parts to us at the same time.
d. Q: How many boxes are you ship out for one printer? What are the dimension and weight of each box?
    A: Dimension of each box: 50*40*40 cm. 
        Weight of each box: approximately 10kg

2. Product specification:
a. Q: Where is Funplay 3D Printer produced?
    A: Funplay is made in Taiwan.
b. Q: How long is Funplay’s warranty? What does our warranty include?
    A: Funplay comes with 90 days warranty. Please go to our website for more details.
c. Q: How to measure the laser power?
    A: To Measure the laser power, you will need laser power meter.
d. Q: How to measure the laser power if I don’t have a laser power meter?
    A: Turn down the laser power. Next, print a test sample. Adjust the laser power higher until the sample can be print completely and with a           smooth surface.
e. Q: Are there parts of the printer that should not be touched, otherwise may affect my right, like the warranty?
    A: 3d dream workshop will put warranty stickers on every place that you should be avoided. If the sticker is missing or broken, you will lose         the warranty.
f. Q: Does your package come with tools? What tools should I prepare for assembling and operating my printer?
   A: DIY product doesn't come with the toolset. However, you do need some tools in order to build the printer. Please check our website for        the list of tools that you are going to need for assembling the machine.
g. Q: What warranty do you offer for the printers?
    A: 3D Dream Workshop provide 3 months warranty for our printers. For more information, please visit our Support page

3. Printing supplies, Opal, and resin trays.
a. Q: How many different colors of resin do you have?
    A: We only have one color which is clear resin. However, we sell resin pigments for you to create your own colors, and make your                         product different from others.
b. Q: Can I use resins from other suppliers? What should I adjust or what should I pay attention?
    A: Yes, you can use other resins. But you may need to adjust the laser power and the exposure time.
c. Q: Is your resin harmful to the human body? Do I need to wear protection gears?
    A: Our resin is not toxic. Check MSDS for more information.
d. Q: How long is the shelf life of your resin? How to store the resin?
    A: The shelf life of our resin is six months. It should be stored in dark place, and the temperature should be around 20-30 degree Celsius.
e. Q: How to use your ”Opal”?
    A: The instruction is on our website.
f. Q: Is your “Opal” harmful to the human body? Do I need to wear protection gears?
   A: No, it not toxic. Check the MSDS for more information.
g. Q: Where can I buy resin trays?
    A: you can get them from our website or from our dealers.
h. Q: How should I handle the resin tray?  Is there anything I should be aware of when I use the resin tray?
    A: Do not scratch the bottom of the tray. Try not to print at the same spot for a long period of time.
i. Q: How long is the shelf life of your resin tray? When should I change it?
   A: it depends on the object you print and printing quality.

4.    Others
a. Q: Where can I get answers to my technical questions? Or any questions relate to installation, operating, or printing?
    A: You can find the answers from the Q&A section of our website, or you can always e- mail to us. We will reply as soon as possible.
b. Q: Can I share my experiences of using Funplay?
    A: we welcome to share your experiences. Just e-mail us your experiences and the pictures of your works. We will post them on our website       for everyone to see if you are accepted.
c. Q: Can you mail a print sample to me?
    A: we are sorry that we do not have this service. If you want to see the works, please visit our website.
d. Q: Can I become your dealer?
    A: We welcome you to become our dealer. Please e-mail us with your contact information. We’ll contact you shortly.
e. Q: I am a reporter. Can I report your team and your products?
    A: We welcome you to report our products. At the same time, please let us share your article.