Core 2.0 PLUS

Core 2.0 PLUS

The best & easy way to build SLA 3D printers 



40K galvanometer module


 Our SLA 3D printer



Software Interface


Basic Functions

Slice & Support 

Latest Functions


Distortion Correction /Parallel Correction /Adjust the outer layers and the Thickness / Adjustable Exposure time 



 Layer's Thickness Setting




Exposure time

You can adjust time to fit your own resin, each kind of resin can be used


Distortion Correction



Parallel Correction



Adjust the thickness of the wall


Manufacture and sell to the local market

we also provide the Blueprint of structure design, you may choose the materials you prefer



Compatible with 3rd party material


Print Without Connecting Computer 

Upload the file into a TF card then put it into slot, models will be printed out automatically.





Choices of Laser

Choose a laser with the focal length at 30 cm will be the best